Stories about living sustainably

I’m learning about the many ways we can transform to live more sustainably and I’m sharing these stories as I go.

Why? Because it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the climate emergency. Sometimes I find myself thinking about all the things our society needs to do urgently to transform our systems and behaviours. The list feels endless, the politics complicated and suddenly the problem feels HUGE and HARD.

When the climate doom arrives, I give myself a moment, then I remind myself there are tonnes of ways people are already making a difference by achieving small, yet impactful changes every single day. I can do this too. So can you if you want.

So I’m on a mission to find stories about sustainable ways of living from inspirational people and have a go myself too. I hope it helps you (and I!) feel a touch more hopeful.

Read the stories I’ve collected so far on the blog.

Learning about Permaculture

Permaculture is a design system and a set of ethics and principles for living and building a sustainable life.

Permaculture brings together influences and techniques from systems thinking, ecology and architecture. Once you learn the principles and techniques, you can approach any challenge or project in a Permaculture way.

You can use Permaculture to help design and maintain a land-based project like your vegetable garden or a building, or a people and community-based project like a housing association or your team at work. Or it could simply help you design and organise your kitchen cupboard.

Permaculture challenges us to see the connections between people, our environment and all the other factors that create a resilient, abundant life and a permanent culture (perma-culture, geddit?) that’s shared fairly and equally.

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A Permaculture Design Portfolio

This website is also a portfolio for my Permaculture designs and projects.

In 2021, I completed a Permaculture Design Certificate and started a Permaculture Diploma. The Diploma requires me to complete 10 designs over a minimum of 2 years, however I’m aiming to complete it in 5 years due to work and parenting commitments.

I’m aiming to share regular work-in-progress permaculture survey, analysis and designs for my projects on this blog.

And who am I? I’m Amy. I’m a budding Permaculture Designer. I also work as a consultant mostly in the digital and technology space.

Nice to meet you.