Learning to live sustainably

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Stories from the blog
  • Permaculture for digital or tech teams
    I’d like to share some thoughts about applying Permaculture in a digital or technology context, because I find it a super relevant and useful as a framework for making your team, product or organisation more sustainable.
  • Produce less waste
    Eliminating or reducing your waste (rubbish/garbage) is cheaper, helps conserve resources and helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It’s not a new concept*. Even if you’re eliminating waste just a little bit, if enough of us do it, we’re actually starting to make a huge difference.
  • Introducing my new wiggly worm friends
    Exciting times in our house this month: we have adopted some new wiggly worm friends. Yes, this is what gets me excited these days and I’m going to (ever so slightly embarrassingly) admit it.